Help with relaxing? How to calm myself through gentle meditation perhaps?

Question by Tessa Anne Berkeley: Help with relaxing? How to calm myself through gentle meditation perhaps?
I am so stressed out these days.
Does anyone have a good method of like meditating or yoga or a style of breathing that can help me relax?
soothing/relaxing words/story?
thanks. !!

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Check this video out. It’s a piano site but this guy is also extremely helpful with relaxation and yoga techniques:

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  • combackkidxxx

    i have found when i am caught up, writing down my feelings (especially when i’m frustrated) helps a lot. or go to a quiet place, sit on the floor and close your eyes, breathe in deep, slowly though, then release when you feel a little tickle in your stomach..keep doing it and try to clear your mind. if it isn’t all snowy out wherever you live, bundle up and jog around the block real quick. listen to happy fast music.

  • Tommy H

    On the following URL for some music:,
    pick out the music without vocalist. The music pieces were composed and performed by Falun Gong practitioners.

    If you’d like to practice Falun Gong meditation, check out below.
    The mediation mechanism is well explained in the ‘China Falun Gong’ book. The effects and advantages are discussed in details in the Zhuan Falun Lecture. Both books and meditation demonstration video are free to download from the URL listed below. If you need any help, contact a local practitioner in your area for free instructions.

    Falun Gong was found in 1992 by Master Li Hongzhi in China. About 100 million followers like the practice in over 80 countries worldwide. Falun Gong is an ancient practice for the body, mind, and spirit based upon the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Falun Gong consists of five sets of powerful exercises.

    Falun Gong, Tibetans, other Buddhists, and Daoists have been persecuted in China. The most offensive human right violation is the organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners in China. Can you kindly sign a petition to stop persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, please ?

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